Our company is located in La Morra, and the farm covers a surface area of approximately 15 hectares. Vineyards stretch for about 5 hectares, hazel covers about 8 hectares and the rest, about 2 hectares, is woodland. 


After working as sharecroppers in many different farmhouses in La Morra, Francesco class of 1922 and his brother Giovanni in 1966 bought the current farm, making some wine-growing the principal activity of the family.

For many years the farm was part of an agricultural cooperative but the dream to return to crush its own grapes, it is never extinguished. With the vintage 2009, after having restructured part of the historical farmhouse and the nineteenth-century wine cellar, for the barrel ageing of the Barolo, the Ellena family has returned to crush its own grapes as it already did in the 60’s of last century.

The decision to try in this new experience has been dictated by the strong passion for the land that Francesco has transmitted before to his son Giuseppe and then to his grandson Matteo.

Today three generations work beside side weaving ancient traditions and innovation in a harmony of knowledge that unite the wine to the territory and to who produces it.